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8 Things You Need to Know About Thermoforming Molds - Part 2


In our previous article, we discussed the first 5 tips for thermoforming mold. In this article, we will continue with the remaining 3 tips. These tips will provide you with further information on how to optimize your thermoforming mold process and create high-quality molded products. The tips include innovative packaging designs, the cost of thermoforming molds, and how to choose the right manufacturer for your mold. Continue reading to learn more.

6. Innovative Thermoforming Packaging Designs

In order to make your product stand out in the global marketplace, you will need to consider all aspects of product design and brand marketing. One way to differentiate your product is to use hinged containers with different closure styles. The shape and size of the snap button on your product container can also have a positive impact on customers. Hinged clamshell containers offer the added advantage of extra product differentiation, including the use of snap button locks in various sizes and shapes. It is possible to customize the snap button locks on your product during the mold design stage. An experienced mold manufacturer is able to show you examples of different snap button designs and further assist with this process to ensure that the final design meets your needs.

Innovative Thermoforming Packaging Designs

7. Thermoforming Mold Cost

The cost of a thermoforming mold depends on several factors. These factors are the determinants of the cost. Factors like quality, model design, complexity, model volume and the type of the material. Printing a mold from a 3D printer also depends on the above factors. 3D printing cost ranges from $100 to $10,000 depending on the factors above. While the cost of a thermoforming mold ranges from $15,000 to over $35,000.

8. How to Select the Right Manufacturer for Your Thermoforming Mold?

Selecting the right manufacturer for your molds is not an easy job. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right one. Here are some few tips to understand the right manufacturer for your molds.

  • Experience:

    Look for a manufacturer with years of experience in the thermoforming industry. A manufacturer with lots of experience only means one thing - quality product.

  • Design:

    Tooling design and manufacturing are some factors to consider. If the manufacturer has the right tools to curate your designs, then he's the right.

  • Equipment:

    Many manufacturers don't have the right equipment. Hence, they outsource your products to other companies. This might lead to bad designs and low quality products. Choose a company that is equipped with the necessary know-how.

  • Sales and technical support:

    The right manufacturer should be able to provide you with technical support of any source. If your manufacturer can't support you, then he's not the right one for you.

How to Select the Right Manufacturer for Your Thermoforming Mold?

The thermoforming mold process isn't all that complex, but it can be an involved process for those who are new to the process. From creating a product design, to researching a manufacturer, a lot of time and effort goes into the creation of a thermoforming mold project. Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to ease you into the world of thermoforming molds.

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