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Customer Service

Customer Service
  • Consulting


    HongZu's sales team is the first department when you contact us at very beginning. Our sales representatives are all very patient and professional so that they can catch your questions accurately. With more than 30 years of experience in thermoforming field, we are not only familiar with all sorts of thermoforming machines but also products in the market. Plus, if you just have a product want to do mass production, we can even recommend you a suitable machine to your product. Scilicet, HongZu is a total solution to thermoforming industry.

  • Prototyping


    Prototyping is a process where bring your sample idea into read product. Our product design team will walk you through the whole prototyping process and give you suggestions in the view of product stacking, product strength, and lock tightness design.
    After the CAD model is confirmed, we can do small batch of production for you(10-50pcs). If you want to have hundreds of product for the post automation line testing, HongZu can also provide the service.

  • Project planning

    Project planning

    After the shape of final product is confirmed, HongZu will expand the project based on your thermoforming machine and we will provide you information including mold layout, cavity numbers, and scrap factor for you to forecast your daily producing.

  • Machining


    After the molds are built, HongZu will do in-house testing to make sure the molds are running perfectly. If our customers face any mold issues during mass production, HongZu can arrange our technical person to your factory and work with you to solve the problem together.

  • Service


    Delivering the mold to our customers is not the end of our service. Our team will still be here if you come across any issues during the mass production. We are very happy to work with you and give you 100 percent support when you encounter any technical issues.
    HongZu keeps our mind opened and welcome any feedbacks from our customers. In other word, your feedback and advice sets a core engine for HongZu propelling to next higher stage.


If you need any quotation, feel free to contact us.