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About Us

About HongZu

About Hong Zu

Technology is innovated with the trend, profits are shared with the market, and all employees of the company continue to operate.State-of-art mold technology, contribute to society, company continues to grow.

HongZu is one of the leading thermoforming mold makers established in 1987, and we dedicated in thermoforming industry for decades.. In order to provide our customer the latest technology, HongZu keeps improving the manufacturing efficiency, tool quality, and product creativity. HongZu not only lays a solid foundation in domestic market but also extend our service globally. Therefore, consistently serving in food packing market is the core concept of HongZu.


Clients-oriented design on mold developing and manufacturing.

With more than three decades of experience, HongZu is familiar with almost all sorts of thermoforming machines worldwide, like Gabler, Illig, WM, TSL, CM, and Sunwell......etc In addition, HongZu will incorporates with our clients from designing stage to developing the tools. Through detail discussion over the project, HongZu will give you some advises from our professional perspective which ensure the final tools will meet your requirements. In other words, representing an immaculate packaging is our mutual goal.


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