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Choose the Right Cutting Dies and Tools for Thermoforming Machine


The Importance of Thermoforming Tools and Cutting Dies

All custom thermoforming products begin with the right designed thermoforming cutting dies and thermoforming tools. These are the most critical factors to ensure high-quality products. The right thermoforming dies and tools will produce precise and consistent thermoformed packaging in terms of texture, crisp lines, and edges.

Steel Rule Dies for Multi-Station Themoforming Machines

Multi-Station Thermoformers with Steel Rule Die Cutting Technology are commonly used for hinged containers, to-go containers, clamshell containers, lids, and egg trays. It is an all-in-one production line! Processes include automatic feeding, top & bottom heating, pressure forming, cutting and stacking. Simple, cost-effective tools with quick mold exchange mechanisms provide quick replacement of dies and tooling, reducing downtime. This is ideal for thermoforming dies and tools used for small and medium-scale packaging production.

Design Thermoforming Dies Thermoforming Food Packaging Mold

Steel Rule Die vs Matched Metal Die : What's the difference?

Molds with three or four station molds can be adapted to Steel Rules and Cutting Dies! When comparing to Matched Metal Dies, the tooling cost are reduced through consolidation and material costs are reduced by optimizing the production line layout. In addition, overall thermoforming speed is increased! Note that the thermoforming steel rule cutting dies has a shorter lifespan. It has to be replaced more frequently.

Steel Rules and Cutting Dies Matched Metal Dies
Tooling Cost Lower Higher
Material Cost Lower Higher
Thermoforming Speed Increasing Normal
Lifespan Shorter Longer

Design Thermoforming ToolsDesign Thermoforming Tools

Optional Hole Punching Tool

Vents in lids or containers are the features that allow steam to escape the containers. The pre-punch function punches holes in the base or side wall of ventilated containers. It can also be used as a scoring press to create a tamper-evident container. The pre-punch function is an optional thermoforming tool, depending on your custom specifications.

Thermoforming Tools

Multi-Station Thermoforming is widely used in the vacuum forming and pressure forming industry. Every molder has their own die and tooling preferences and techniques. This will of course have a significant impact on the final part design. Multi-Station Thermoforming is an easy and cost-effective process for small batch packaging. Hong Zu is an experienced steel rule dies and thermoforming tool maker. We have successfully designed containers having hinged lids (a folding seam) and secured lid designs with push-fit locks for many brands. Please contact us to start your thermoforming food packaging project!

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